International coalition "surprised" to speed editing Fallujah .. and Daash approaching loss last strongholds


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It announced that the federal police headquarters, that the next few hours, will see the entry of the security forces to the Golan neighborhood, north of Fallujah (62 km west of Baghdad).
He said the federal police chief Lt. Gen. Raed Shakir Jawdat, said in an interview to the (long-Presse), "The coming hours will enter the military sectors of our neighborhood Heights north of Fallujah," he said, "was to inform the civilians to leave the neighborhood."
Another neighborhood joint forces and encircled in Fallujah is still under the control of the organization Daash, while humanitarian organizations are making efforts to provide aid to displaced civilians.
A month after the start of a large-scale attack against one of the main strongholds Daash, close to the elite forces are to extend full control over the city Filojh.oukal operations commander in Fallujah General Abdel-Wahab al-Saadi told AFP, "I can say that more than 80 percent is under the control of our forces." .
The Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi has declared victory a week ago, and recent operations have focused on the hunt for pockets of resistance in the northern neighborhoods of Fallujah.
Saadi said, while he was in the area has recently restored in the north of the city that its fighters are based in the Golan neighborhood, and perhaps parts of the district teachers.
He said al-Saadi "For a number of terrorists left only ten percent of them, or even five percent, which they have in these areas. We will kill them all, God willing," without giving estimates remaining to prepare them in the city.
As pockets of fighters organize Daash still in the regions of Alazrkih and gravel both located in the west and south of the city, rural areas.
And eased the fighting Thursday with Iraqi forces focus their efforts on removing roadside bombs and dismantle booby-trapped houses. In the police district, the fight against terrorism and explosives workshop forces discovered where piled dozens of homemade rockets and materials to manufacture Alguenabl.wantchert welding equipment, yellowing of the plastic bottles and blocks placed in a pot of paint, bags filled with Besoaak and other stuffed powder throughout the rooms.
While destroyed entire houses in the south of Fallujah during the height of the attack earlier this month, it appears that large areas in the north of the city escaped with relatively minor damage.
He expressed the officer Muhannad al-Tamimi hope in the return of tens of thousands of displaced people soon. He told AFP that "have been dealt with only eight explosive devices here," pointing to the road in front of the main hospital in Fallujah.
"In the coming days or few weeks, it should be back as soon as the families agree to return by the City Council."
In this context, Doug Chalmers, the military official in the British general international coalition, said the military commanders in the alliance "somewhat surprised" to "Speed," in which government forces entered Fallujah. He pointed out that the city purge of militants "will be much faster than we expected a few weeks ago."
According to the United Nations, displaced about 85 thousand people since the operation began a month ago.
When families fled from the fighting and after months on the run-down blockade left many starving Iraqi forces arrested adult men to reveal whether they have ties with the organization.
Thousands of them are still under investigation so far, prompting some officials and rights groups to express concern about the cases of torture and sectarian reprisals against the population of Fallujah year.
Large numbers of civilians last week has flowed into safe areas where there is any form of shelter, while the recorded temperature record degrees of heat.
He announced the Norwegian Refugee Council, one of the working groups in the relief efforts, humanitarian organizations struggling to get to the most vulnerable families. He added that "pregnant women, children, the elderly and people with disabilities collapsing due to run out of medical services and the lack of available aid in the camps."
The loss of Fallujah, Iraqi forces say they will be in a few days, a big blow to the extremist organization and would further decline in the areas of "succession".
Extremist organization has started to lose its strength steadily in Iraq since last year, and gradually became more dependent on attacking civilian targets in Baghdad or the announcement of large-scale attacks in the West to spread its ideology and attract more recruits.