Workshop to activate the role of standardization and control devices at border crossing points

Organized by the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers
BAGHDAD - morning
organized by the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers a joint workshop in coordination with government departments in order to activate the work of standardization and control devices mechanisms in line with international standards as well as the unification of visions for the application of the Iraqi standards on goods for quality control of imported goods.
On the sidelines of the workshop which was held yesterday at the Secretariat building, economic Adviser to the Prime Minister Dr. said. Alaa Hussein, in an interview for »Sabah»: The meeting aims to unify the visions for the application of the Iraqi standards on imported goods and commodities, stressing the need to coordinate the work of agencies viewfinder in ports Alhdodih.wachar Hussein to the departments of border crossing points operate without coordinating as the customs act in isolation for standardization and quality control and taxation work in isolation from those circles and it must be the unification of labor policy within the ports in terms of quality control of imported goods , a key goal, and link them to the cabinet 's decision to adjust the goods imported into the country and the introduction of system and the work of companies «third party» to ensure the quality of the goods . Economic Adviser to the Prime Minister pointed out that he does not mind illegal to enter a closer companies «third party» After discuss the matter with the Legal Department of the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers , which has shown cooperation and lack of legal reluctant to »take steps in this regard , which is in place in advance» especially that standardization and quality control system is no longer able at the moment to carry out his responsibilities as compared with the openness and the volume of goods entering because of its potential Mahdodh.oadav Hussein we look forward to opening Iraqi civil laboratories to perform this role in addition to the foreign laboratories to be there simulation and coordinate with the Ministry of the Interior and local laboratories to upgrade the work of these companies and subjecting imported goods all the standards and quality control Atah.bdoarham, participants in the workshop stressed the importance of ensuring the quality of imported to Iraq goods and to develop mechanisms examination of various kinds by tightening controls and procedures for quality control in order to serve the health and safety of citizens and the environment and the national economy and the involvement all stakeholders and concerned parties. It is noteworthy that the workshop was held with the participation of representatives from the board of advisers of Interior, Health and planning, trade, agriculture, industry, finance, housing and construction and ministries as well as the Federation of Chambers of Commerce and representatives from the companies viewfinder private sector ( the third party contracting with the Ministry of Planning and the Central Agency for Standardization and Quality Control).
The Cabinet has put a draft resolution for adoption agencies viewfinder and determine the responsibility of the ministries and departments involved in the oversight process by jurisdiction.