Federal receive the report of the Committee of Experts on the network Law Tomorrow

Parliamentary culture expresses the hope hail appeal
Baghdad , Omar Abdel - Latif
Committee provides the Mandatory experts by the Federal Court, its report on the Iraqi Media Network Law on Sunday to the court, while expressing the Committee on Culture and Information of the House of Representatives hope cold Tan.oukal Committee member Adil al - Lami, former president of the independent High Electoral Commission said in a statement singled out by the «morning»: the committee commissioned by the Federal Court ended its legal, economic and media , which concerns the Iraqi media network Code, to submit to the court on Sunday.
he said al - Lami, said he and two others in the areas of media and the economy, they may chanted oath and received all documents and minutes of meetings, after the court had asked the experts to know if it was the law of «came in contrast to the project sent by the Council of Ministers» or that the House amendments to the texts increased the financial burden on the government? , Will has counseling or refer to the Council of Ministers in these positions?
he said al - Lami, said the mission entrusted to them other than by the court, also includes know you can dispose of the law by the House of Representatives was issued kits ?, Is that the changes made ​​by the Council returned the financial benefit to the government?
he cautioned al - Lami , said the report prepared by the experts in accordance with the foundations of professional legal, media and purely economic.
the judiciary spokesman judge Abdul Sattar Bayraktar, had said in an earlier press statement that the court has postponed consideration of the grounds of appeal declared unconstitutional network Law Iraqi media No. (26) for the year 2015 on the 27th of this month.
on her part of the culture and Information Committee in the House of Representatives, hoped cold appeal by the Federal Court, describing the law as well and limits the control of the government and political parties on the network.
showed a member of the Committee on change bloc of Kurdish, Serwa Abdul Wahid said in a statement singled out by the «morning» that is useful for the Iraqi media network, especially as it reduces the control of the government and political parties on Alhbkh.olm exclude Abdul Wahid and the presence of some of the paragraphs in the law, which confirmed the need for modification and processing in the future, expressing in - law Meanwhile, confidence in the ability of the Iraqi judiciary in the matter impartially in a suit appeal provided on this law, expressing Amnyatea its response in order to take the law the way for implementation. http://www.alsabaah.iq/ArticleShow.aspx?ID=118875