IMF calls on Britain and the European Union to work together to avoid an economic crisis
{International: Euphrates News} appealed to the Director General of the International Monetary Fund Christine Lagarde Britain and the European Union, to work together to contribute to the occurrence of a smooth transition to new economic relations between Britain and the European Union, and also to avoid an economic crisis.
She said Lagarde, in a statement, seen by the agency {Euphrates News} today that " the IMF is watching developments decision of the British people to vote in favor of the exit from the European Union," she said , " the Fund 's readiness to support its members in case of necessity", urging the authorities in Britain and Europe . " cooperation in order to ensure a smooth transition to a new phase of economic relations between Britain and the European Union, including the clarification of the procedures and general objectives that will organize this process. "
it stressed the" strong support for the IMF's obligations Bank of England and the European Central Bank to provide liquidity to the banking system and reduce the any severe financial volatility. " on
the other hand, the US central bank, announced in a statement that" closely watching at the moment and carefully developments in global financial markets, in cooperation with other central banks in the wake of the results of the referendum, which took place in Britain to get out of the European Union. "
he said the US central bank, he was " ready to provide liquidity of dollars through the conversion of existing with the central bank lines, when necessary , to address pressures in global funding markets, which can have Atharmah on the US economy , ".anthy