In the parliamentary security by revealing the involvement of politicians in a terrorist smuggling of Fallujah with the displaced
[Where - special]
revealed and defense committee member of the parliamentary security on Saturday, about the involvement of political figures by the displaced.
Said Majed al - Gharawi told all of Iraq [where] that " a number of terrorists who are in Fallujah exploited exit displaced from the city to escape, by falsifying their belongings identification, and with the help of a number of politicians , " pointing to "the existence of complacency from a number of security leaders from Anbar province not show the facts. "
he continued Ghraoui" the committee will start the formation of an investigative committee in the matter if the arrival of the evidence and the evidence overwhelming in this regard , "he said , adding that" tribal sources confirmed to the Committee that. "
at the same leg parliamentary security member she said that" intelligence found by security forces when purge the city identified the figures involved in the cooperation with Aldoaash in Fallujah, a tribal, security and political levels. "
He pointed to" the presence of political figures dealing with the terrorist organizations backed by the regional countries , "stressing that" these figures tried to maintain the number of terrorists involved in Fallujah through them out with the displaced with the aid Bmsthompskat forged. "
the security forces found with the strongholds Daash terrorist gangs on a wide range of Aldaashah documents, which contain their salaries and the names of the elements cooperating and clans with them, as well as they found a large number of booby - trapping of existing plants inside houses.