Baghdad / long-Presse
Expose employees of the Integrity Commission, on Friday, for the decision of the chairmanship of the Commission to transfer a number of them , "various excuses" after the formation of a committee to it, and accused the Commission of "not having any standards and regulations for its work and annexation of the two covered by the accountability and justice process", as called for Chairman of the Board Minister Haider al - Abadi to intervene personally to stop the decision to transfer "arbitrary and illegal act", demanded a commissioned officer of the Council of Ministers to "see what is going on from the oppression of the body."
said a staff member in the body Walid Abbas Dujaili in an interview to the (long - Presse), " the presidency of the integrity Commission has formed a committee to evaluate the staff and transport outside the body, for those with a criminal restrictions , "noting that" the Committee endorsed the recommendations of the transfer of 21 male and female employees made ​​their names in the group of 65 employees of various excuses. "
He added Dujaili, that" employees who Committee approved the transfer filed a grievance of the reasons for the transport with the view a summary of their services for several years , "revealing" write off the four names of those who have relatives and acquaintances in the country, having come into contact with the President of the Commission, as posted the rest of the names to the Ministry of Finance for the purpose of transportation to other ministries. "
He accused Dujaili, the Committee" not to acquire any standards and controls to work, where he raised the names of officers and employees do not include records of any under criminal or severe administrative penalties for transfer to other ministries, while kept dozens who have criminal security and terrorist information restrictions, no canals annual assessments for employees and letters of appreciation , "accusing two members of the Committee , "Bhmolhma law ablation by the accountability and justice."
He said the employee, that " the Commission did not undertake any investigation fundamentalist and legal and did not require the presence of any one of the employees who submitted their names , " and accused "some managers to undergo Mzajat and the pressures of the presidency of the body."
He called Dujaili, "off the body action in regards to the transfer of staff, on and off the work of the infamous Committee", calling for "entrust one of the officials or advisers in the cabinet, to see what is happening injustice through this committee and the exploitation and abuse in the abuse of power."
He stressed employee integrity Commission, on the need "to meet with staff to see his clothes and the reasons for targeting , " and urged Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi "intervene personally to stop the arbitrary decision is illegal to take them."