Payment of detecting portions of the details of the military plan to break into Qayyarah, south of Mosul , the process, to stop progress in some axes towards the city, which is the anchor for the restoration of Mosul.
It is likely to be reviewed in the military plan, and that they can be to change the timing of the attack, after leaking details the operation. But officials close to the Nineveh operations command deny the existence of another way to edit Qayyarah is detected. The work of Iraqi forces from central drunk and Sharqat, for months to reach the strategic airport in the "Qayyarah," a prelude to the start of the storming of Mosul, which is revealed by the military leaders in the media Mtaddh.otsrpt on Thursday, a document issued by the Secretary - General's personal commander of the armed forces, Maj . Gen. Mohammed Hamid Kazim, which indicates that "the commander in chief of the armed forces Haider al - Abadi Prime Minister face to open an investigation on the statements relating to the process of Qayyarah, which Ovst some of the plans military that benefits the enemy. " He pointed Kazem that" statements made ​​by military officials leaders, without mentioning names , "Iraqis .oitapa daily pages on social networking sites, offering an explanation extensive enhanced with pictures, maps, for the conduct of troops line toward Shirqat Qayyarah, without The skeptical that what is traded is the "military secrets!" and offered a page bearing the name "Nineveh operations command," two weeks ago, pictures and news about the arrival of "mobile bridges" to a drunk in order to cross the Tigris River in preparation for the restoration of Alkierh.lkn page published recently a directive to prevent photography Alfdaoa neighborhood for military cuts, threatening to hold accountable the offending charges (conspiracy and spying for the enemy). She said Page , "and this warning last resort and the final, will take us pity nor mercy Palmkhalv because the ultimate goal is to protect the lives of our fighters heroes." The informed sources revealed (range) on the participation of American troops land operations in Iraq, for the first time since the decision to send a number of consultants following the fall of Mosul , in the summer of 2014. the sources pointed out that the US elite forces, and estimated to number more than a hundred element, located in the north of Tikrit , a military base. The source believes that the task of American power Airborne Division, focused on the restoration of Qayyarah base. The Defence Minister Abdul - Qader al - Obeidi, last weekend, the start of the second phase of operations editor of Nineveh and the major cities of Mosul. During one week the Ministry of Defense sent two servings of armored forces to Mosul and Sharqat, despite mounting criticism of the leaders of the popular crowd, which was attended by some factions in the liberation of the outskirts of Fallujah, the dispersion of the battles effort. We have lost the element of surprise! described Abdulrahman Alloizi, MP for Nineveh, forces move toward Sharqat in conjunction with the Fallujah operation as "was a surprise military mission has surprised everyone even the leaders of the popular crowd. " he says Alloizi, through contact with the (range)," The military leadership has lost the element of surprise after he leaked details of the attack of Sharqat toward Qayyarah . "said MP for Nineveh" if the details have not been leaking for an attack Sharqat, because everyone was I think that the armored forces were going to mobilize, as he gets in a drunken ".uergh Alloizi that the military operation will continue in the pivotal drunken-Sharqat to get to Qayyarah unchanged. He says , "There is no other way, and perhaps will change the military leadership in the dates of the attack after leaking details of the operation." Axis of operations crashes during last week 's joint forces advanced from the axis drunk to "Qayyarah," as it seeks to meet with the next pieces of Sharqat when Qayyarah base. Did not remained in front of the joint forces, only three villages on the outskirts of a drunken, as troops entered in Qayyarah limits of the east of the Tigris side, after editing the villages of al - Haj Ali, Khirbet cantaloupe. participated more than a thousand local fighters from the tribes of the flames, and Sbaaoyen, and Jabour, in the liberation of those areas, Alloizi which asserts that " the presence of Agriculture Minister Falah Zaidan, tribal flames, with the sons of his tribe shares to raise the morale of the fighters." he says , and became military units and tribal crowd, on the bank of the Tigris directly from the point of the village of cantaloupe. And preparing the pieces to cross to the other side toward the villages of Jawaanh and stump when coming from Sharqat the arrival of troops. But Hashem Albraivkana, head of the security committee acting in the Council of Nineveh, told the (range), said that "progress has been stopped now , in some axes , " attributing it to " leak some details of the storming Qayyarah plan. " He said Albraivkana saying that" military commanders have told the media or for officers of a lower them what led to the disclosure of portions of the details of the plan. " He noted that " the progress of the axis of Haj Ali village, near the bank of the Tigris River, has stopped now, waiting for the army 's decision to return operations to cross into Qayyarah." It was not clear so far whether the leaks concerning the progress of the axis of drunken or Sharqat, but Albraivkana says , "the accused leaks around any axis, as far as that revealed details meant to disable the storming of Qayyarah." In the center of Sharqat, Khazaal Hammad, a member of the Council of Salahuddin province , and the commander of a group of fighters say clan Aqaysian, " the leaks did not affect the conduct of military operations but mine are doing it. " He said Hammad (range) that" the joint forces arrived at the Azwaip area north of Baiji, and delayed access to Sharqat, because of mines and booby - trapped tunnels that surprised them in the desert fields. " The combined forces tried to behaving in ways to get to the sub - Sharqat, but local administrator confirms that the "minefield necessitated the call engineering teams to remove them, which is disrupted progress."