Manama : Peeved by the statements made by foreign rights organisations, Bahraini lawmakers yesterday warned them to “stop messing with Bahrain.” Besides a couple of rights organisations, Iran, Iraq and the US had also issued statements against the recent administrative decisions by the Kingdom.
Commenting on it, MP Jamal Dawood said, “It’s important at this stage to hold on to the decisions made by our Wise Leadership. It’s to combat the vicious media campaign that targets the Kingdom’s sovereign decisions, which are a popular demand.”
“This systematic campaign against Bahrain is driven by Iran and its allies, aiming to apply political pressures on the Kingdom to abandon its decisions. Iran is pushing suspicious rights groups to target Bahrain and insult it. Iran has been targeting Bahrain for more than three decades,” he alleged.
Dawood added that “the recent bold decisions taken by the Government of Bahrain has shown the true colours of many organisations that utilise political deceit and blackmailing against Bahrain and Arab countries.”
In a statement, MP Mohsen Al Bakry supported the government’s recent decisions, commenting that “it brought a sigh of relief to the people of Bahrain”.
“The opposing stances of some international organisations to the judicial and administrative decisions taken by the Kingdom are blatant interference in the sovereignty of Bahrain. They’re questioning the honesty of our judiciary system,” he added.