Implementation of small and medium projects in the liberated areas

6/25/2016 0:00

Contribute labor to run and promote the economic situation of
Baghdad - the joy of pumice

with the government directly with the reconstruction of liberated areas affected by gangs «Daash» terrorist crimes, economic adviser opening doors proposed in front of the small and medium enterprises that contribute to the shape of the stages of advancement of the liberated areas and to provide employment opportunities for residents. reconstruction and stressed economic Chancellor Najat Hussein importance of granting a key role in re - Aamaralamnatq edited from terrorism to productivity and housing and consumer various cooperative societies, for their expertise and professionalism, they occupy 80 craft almost provide opportunities to work Bklv low - lying, far from suspicions and deals corruption.

It showed that the role of cooperatives are vital and productive, as it serves as an authoritative law since 40 years ago, after he has proved its presence in Iraq, and the country has previously adopted, and achieved successes in easing burden on economically citizen, and public life was organized for families with smoother in the organization to fill the job needs.

she also noted that countries relied on cooperative societies such as Russia, China, India, Egypt , and was able during recording steps is important and the success and strategic, as it operates various crafts and popular and professional together and using agricultural raw materials mainly.

and know cooperative Association: as «independent association of people who cooperate voluntarily machetes benefit social, economic, and cultural mutual, as it involves cooperation community non - profit organizations and companies owned and managed by people who use its services (cooperative and consumerism).

economic plan Hussein confirmed that the liberated areas of terrorism need to restore a comprehensive reconstruction of infrastructure, public and redraw the economic life, and future plan and with the face of the state financial crisis , with the continuation of the war against terrorism and the decline of public revenues due to lower sale of crude oil prices in the financial markets, currently requires open other doors and opening - up in the small and medium enterprises contribute in the form of stages in the re - promote the liberated areas and the building demolished and the reconstruction of what can be brought back and the collaborative experience of associations and experience in this regard. workshops and proposed to hold workshops, seminars and conferences jointly with the government and donor countries, will discuss in depth all aspects and listens all the performance out of a vision of future deep.

She Hussein: that the associations contribute to the operation of labor through hand leads to the absorption of unemployment crafts, also contribute to the advancement of industry and agriculture, also works in carpentry and blacksmithing productivity and laboratories other, and establish afterwards markets and shopping areas and exchanges in the same time .

therefore it urged the Chancellor that the Supreme Committee for the reconstruction of liberated areas takes the problem in the presidency The government and the donor countries and international organizations that provide some support for Iraq, into account the important role of cooperative societies, and they depend mainly, especially the massive destruction of the liberated areas needs a radical plan and build a comprehensive planned and implemented efficiently and sedate, as the state of prosthesis projects and Mthrih will lead to problems in the future, especially synchronized with the economic crisis and lack of funds faced by the country.