Oil falls to $ 48 after the vote for the exit of Britain from the European Union

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Oil prices fell more than six percent on Friday after the British voted for the exit from the European Union in a historic referendum triggered including a state of extreme uncertainty in the market and hampering Europe's efforts to promote unity.

And troubled financial markets for months due to concerns about Britain's exit from the European Union and the impact on the stability of Europe, but it is clear that they were not taking into account the risk of voting for the exit.

The dollar fell below 100 yen for the first time since November 2013, while the British pound suffered its biggest losses in living memory.

And decreased global London Brent crude futures to $ 2.70 to $ 48.21 a barrel by 0600 GMT, while US crude down to $ 2.65 to $ 47.46 a barrel.

Earlier, Van fell more than three dollars or more than six percent in the futures largest daily losses of Asgela since April 18, when the failure of a meeting of major oil producers to reach an agreement on the installation of production.