[Oan- up] media sources reported that Saudi security arrested Friday, two young twins belong to the terrorist organization Daash were killed and their mother in Riyadh and wounded their father and younger brother in a heinous crime.
According to sources, the Hamra district in the city of Riyadh has witnessed during the early morning hours of Friday morning heinous terrorist crime was to do two terrorists to kill their mother after Tanaha several times and then slaughtered, and struck their father and younger brother , quoting subsequently to the intensive care unit in "support" Hospital ,.
and fled twins Elmejrman fled from the crime scene, having stabbed a truck driver Squid after stab wounds, after reporting the crime managed security forces to determine the south of Riyadh criminals location and arrest them.
According to the preliminary investigation information that criminals were determined to go to Saudi border with Yemen and escape to the inside Yemeni territory and join the organizing Daash.