Baghdad: Euphrates News} military official in the international coalition to fight Daash, said that the alliance is considering intelligence support for the Iraqi security forces in the face of a guerrilla Daash.
Gen. {Doug Chalmers said} British assistant to the commander of coalition forces , "studying permanently if we had a good level of military equipment in Iraq, including the area of logistics and equipment , air support, intelligence and aerial reconnaissance , " noting that " the coalition is considering the possibility of strengthening the US military capabilities in the Iraq. "
He added , " I can assure you that we are not talking about thousands of additional troops , "noting that a dialogue going on about the places that can be covered by the reinforcement.
Chalmers and stressed that" the very military leaders is to strengthen the current momentum of the Iraqi forces , especially in light of the gains achieved in face Daash. "
came Chalmers was responding to an article in the Washington Post, he reported that American generals in Iraq are preparing to request the deployment of hundreds of additional troops.
the US Secretary of defense Ashton Carter had announced in April / may last increase of the number of US troops in Iraq B217 soldier bringing the total to 4087 Jendaa.anthy