The spread of the phenomenon of counterfeiting 50 thousand dinars in Iraqi markets


BAGHDAD / Sky Press:
Sources, on Thursday, the start of the spread of counterfeit currency, especially from the category of 50,000 dinars, while sources confirmed that this currency is widely spread in the markets.

The sources for "Sky Press," that "the phenomenon of counterfeit currency began to spread dramatically in the markets, especially the category of 50,000 dinars, indicating that counterfeiting currency is the most dangerous phenomena on the national economy, one of the economic crimes that are punishable by law."

She added that "these counterfeit notes from a class 50,000 spread out these days in the Iraqi market Epeshkal great."

The counterfeit currency phenomenon or counterfeit is not only the problem of Iraq, there are many countries suffer from this phenomenon, but it may be deployed in Iraq, larger and especially in these days due to the preoccupation with security agencies to pursue terrorist groups and protect the areas, which gives an opportunity for counterfeiters to exploit this situation. "

CBI revealed agreed with Iraqi and international banks to withdraw counterfeit currency, while stressing that the fraud "are slowly," Iraqi economic expert pointed to "the failure of most of those operations because of the difficulty of forming a national banknote."