JUNE 23, 2016
The death toll from the suicide attack on the Jordanian army , rose to seven Wednesday the death of a wounded with Jordan's King Abdullah II on Wednesday called for participation in the international coalition countries to intensify cooperation among themselves in order to "destroy the capabilities of " organizing Daash -The State Islamic extremist, according to a statement issued by the Royal Court.
the statement said that King Abdullah stressed during a meeting in the Palace of Husseiniya in Amman Wednesday, Brett Macgork envoy of US President Barack Obama to the international coalition against the extremist organization , "continued Jordan, along with the various parties to regional and international, in addressing and firmly in danger of regulation efforts extreme, first and foremost terrorist Daash gang. "
He stressed the King on" the importance of intensifying coordination and cooperation between participating in the international coalition countries, to destroy the capabilities of this gang and terrorist defeated level, part of a comprehensive participatory approach. "
for his part, Dan Macgork strongly" terrorist act cowardly attack advanced services of Syrian refugees on the north - east of the Kingdom of the border , " a military post, asserting that " the design of the international coalition in the fight against gang terror Daash even eliminated, and strengthen the capacity of Jordan in this area. "
targeted a car bomb attack at dawn on Tuesday a Jordanian military post provides services for Syrian refugees in the region stirrups far north - east of the kingdom , near the Syrian border , killing seven and wounding 14 others.
for his part, stressed Jordan 's Foreign Minister Nasser Judeh during a meeting Macgork Wednesday , "Jordan 's support for all efforts aimed at combating terrorism , " adding that "Jordan was on the always been and will remain at the forefront of these efforts. "
" It is all our fight to defend our religion and our future against the Kharijites of this era. "
participate Jordan for nearly two years in the international coalition led by Washington against the jihadists in Syria and Iraq.