Rabat - Abdelhak Ben Rakhmon
waiting for official confirmation, circulating news about the withdrawal of Morocco for a fraction of its military forces from the Arab coalition in Yemen. Moroccan expert explained that usual in such disputes States change its military units fighting, especially those that cost Balaguethamat and attacks other forces.
He added that what he had done Morocco is not withdrawn as it did the UAE, but the redeployment, in the sense put somewhere other forces troops.
He added that "military equipment brought in by the Moroccan army is still present in the conflict zone and this is not the clouds.
on the other hand, Morocco announced according to a statement the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and cooperation of support" fully all legal, administrative and security measures taken by the Kingdom of Bahrain recently to preserve national unity and protect its security and stability. "
The statement also stressed that Morocco" reiterates its support genuine and sincere efforts made ​​by the Kingdom of Bahrain, led by Sovereign King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa , in order to strengthen the foundations of the national dialogue and strengthen the edifice of democratic construction and consolidation of stability and cohesion between the people of Bahrain components. " The
statement added that" the right of the Bahraini authorities to take Almnasah procedures to maintain the unity of the country within the framework of the principles of citizenship and peaceful coexistence, and in accordance with the elements of the national charter and constitutional constants and their domestic law and to consecrate the exercise of individual and collective freedoms responsibly and in the full range of the correlation between rights and duties of citizenship. "
as she said the High planning Commission in Morocco on Wednesday that the annual inflation rate for consumer prices in the country rose to 1.9 percent in May from 1.6 percent in April due to rising food prices.
jumped annual inflation in food prices to 3.6 percent from 2.9 percent last month, while stabilized inflation , non - food prices at 0.5 percent in the year that ended in May , unchanged from April.
politically, revealed Hamid Chabat, the leader of the Moroccan independence Party , which came a guest of the Foundation for the configuration of Rabat, the possible alliances of the party scenario after the November elections ALWIL seventh (October) will decide where National Council of the independence Party, which will meet next Saturday. As the Secretary - General of the oldest Moroccan party explained the second political force in Morocco that the National Council meeting will come out the necessary political decisions that will be at the level of the next phase.
In the context of the campaign against the Independence Party, several sources said that faced Independence Party recently looked like atmosphere that lived Party in 1997 when he sought the Minister of Interior of the late Driss Basri to avenge the party and make it in fifth place.
other sources said that the independence Party attend legal preparing to respond strongly to the judgments and decisions that eventually targeted his advisers in the second chamber, and then also the presidency of the party involved and head of the municipal Council of Oujda (east of the country). The Constitutional Council has canceled the election of five members of the teams of the Independence Party in the House of Councillors, of whom elected advisers for representatives of local groups , the new region of , and it comes to the beauty of bin Rabia and honest Affan, and Avdala people of Ahmed Ibrahim from the point of Dakhla, and Eila Osman, for representatives of local groups , the region of Clemam and Adnon, as well as Subhi Jalali from the east, while the Court of First Instance in Agadir overturned election Saeed Karam for representatives of local groups in the Souss.
this was preceded by the independence leader Hamid Chabat party to announce "his willingness to open up to the coalition with all parties that follow whatever direction in the event issued by the upcoming legislative elections, Hamid said in February: "..ofaqa as required by democratic practice sound."
at a meeting organized by the graduates of the Higher Institute of Media and communication Association on the subject of "political present and future benefits in exchange, criticized Hamid Chabat Secretary General of the independence Party, being targeted by parties seeking to prevent issued by the upcoming elections.