I returned MP for high Nassif reform front, Wednesday, deducting 15 percent of the first-degree salaries of the staff and the second breach of the law, the chief executive is required to deduct this percentage from the salaries of those who jumped into the office of nepotism and partisanship, not those who gave their ages in career progression.+
Nassif said in an interview I followed "Sky Press," "Unfortunately, we find that the head of the executive branch violates the law and the Constitution, appointments and recent movements in special grades both with regard to inspectors or Managers of years, but we do not know on what legal basis the chief executive adopted in taking these actions throwing legal controls and related financial and administrative corruption. "
She added, "The determination of the chief executive to deduct 15 percent of employees' salaries for the first score and the second breach of the law and the Constitution, as it is not permitted to do any job deduction except by law."
She said, "Withholding this way in which injustice and prejudice against those who have served the country faithfully for more than 25 years, it should be a deduction of those with special grades who jumped into the top positions and have become agents and general managers and inspectors on the basis of partisan and sectarian, even though they no efficient and professional salaries, and not those who Tdrjawa in their jobs and arrived in office after he gave their ages in the career service. "