«Made in Iraq» transcend challenges

6/23/2016 0:00

BAGHDAD - Farah pumice
«Made in Iraq» campaign is facing major challenges in the forefront of dumping imported commodity in the domestic market, despite the aspirations and moves to make it work, amid optimism is conditional to some extent by the experts, who are pledged to achieve the desired goals to serious work and educate citizens.

And see a member of the Baghdad Economic Forum Dr. Akram Abdel Aziz said the campaign «Made in Iraq» good, but it needs to be a real activation with the involvement of the private industrial sector branches all, support and facilitate the work, especially since he is facing obstacles to recover for a local product comparable to foreign manufacturing .

She said in a statement »Sabah» that the imported goods that enter the country are of diverse origins, but it was of poor quality, but they are sold at very suitable to citizens hinder the establishment of an ideal industrial environment.

The Ministry of Industry and fired in August of last year's campaign (made in Iraq) after the preparation of a comprehensive plan to invest affiliated factories and other marketing aimed at the sale of the public for its products.

Real will

As consultant to the industrial development and investment Amer Issa Jeweler has stressed the importance of the citizen's role in achieving economic reform desired by the government through cooperation and coordination with the private and buy local product sector, pointing out that the campaign «Made in Iraq» seeks to overcome all the challenges faced by the existence of the will real by private and government to rotate the wheel production sector.

The figures found that Iraq is losing nearly $ 321 billion, in the field of import an average of 57 percent of oil imports entering the country over the past years, and in case the advancement of the domestic industry, most of these funds will invest nationally that provides billions of dollars.

consumer protection

In turn, the expert said Thamer al-Azzawi told the «morning» said the campaign came at a time in sync with the government's measures to protect the consumer, after the application of the customs and tariff laws limit the dumping of commodity.

But al-Azzawi, however, saying: that the concerned authorities to activate these laws, with speed up industrial loan disbursement and rehabilitation of laboratories and factories and put up some of the investment or joint operation.


The Ministry of Industry and Minerals has recently introduced its 25 laboratories affiliated investment opportunities within various disciplines and Almtozaah among a number of provinces.

It is said that the ownership of those Almtozaah coefficient between the number of provinces to the ministry companies announced the completion of the integrated through Alshahralmadi, becoming 32 after it was 76
a company.

Most of those companies and factories have stopped production due to looting and sabotage of Aban dropping year dictatorial regime of the 2003 war, as well as neglected before that date by the former regime, but it is gradually returning to work, even though it is not level the required.

The director of the investment department at the Ministry of Industry Amer Abdul Razak had said in an earlier statement »Sabah», said the labs offered investment opportunities, including the great facilities.