Economic parliamentary: Iraqi money smuggled invest in Arab countries and names of shell companies

Date: 22/06/2016 09:54

Information / special ..

It revealed the parliamentary economic committee, Wednesday, for the smuggled Iraqi funds invest in some Arab countries, under the names of characters and fictitious companies.

Said committee member Najiba Najib told / information /, said that "a lot of Iraqi funds smuggled out of the country to invest in some Arab and foreign countries under the addresses and fake names," emphasizing "the need for access to the money they have received investment contracts fake or corrupt , and retrieval to Iraq. "

She added that "the recovery of Iraq's money looted need a great effort from the Foreign Ministry to communicate with Iraqi embassies," pointing out that "the money that has been recovered so far, very few with the money that fled the size."

Najib called on the Iraqi government to "seriously deal with the issue because of the suffocating financial crisis taking place in the country and the cost of the war on Daash criminal organization."

The government has formed a committee of many stakeholders, in order to coordinate with Interpol and the global financial authorities to recover funds looted and smuggled out of the country, which dates back to the politicians or government officials as defendants Fassad.anthy / 25 El issues