Labour and the World Bank promise to study the strategy for poverty alleviation in Iraq

Publishing Date: Wed, 22 Jun 2016 11:31:56 | Views: 91
Bgdad_abar today

The Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs announced that it seeks cooperation with the World Bank to prepare a national strategy for poverty alleviation in Iraq.

He said ministry spokesman Amar Menem, in a statement received by the agency news of the day a copy of which, "The vocational training department of the ministry held a meeting with the World Bank in Amman, Jordan, for the period from 12-17 / 6/2016 with the participation of the Permanent Technical Committee of the strategy of poverty alleviation to discuss the preparation of national strategy for poverty alleviation and so after the end of the old strategy. "

"The old strategy of poverty included many activities implemented by the Ministry of Labour in the area of ​​granting loans to set up small income-generating projects and support vocational training with instruments and equipment for the operation of training centers."

Between Menem and that "vocational training department provided the Department of the World Bank with the necessary information related to training and rehabilitation and the granting of loans for the purpose of updating the economic feasibility of the proposed program by both sides."

The Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs and within the lending program has a joint collaboration with the Ministry of Planning to implement a project Lend me within the strategy of poverty alleviation.

The Ministry of Planning, announced on June 13 of the current high rate of poverty in Iraq to 22.5%, with the increase in population growth to 3% annually.

The spokesman said the ministry Abdul-Zahra al-Hindawi's News today that "the poverty rate rose in 2015 to 22.5%, after it was poverty rate by 2014 had reached 15%," pointing out that "the proportion rose after the fall of the city of Mosul and a group of Iraqi cities However Daash terrorist gangs, which caused the occurrence of high wave displacement of millions of civilians. "