Proceedings of the Cabinet meeting for Tuesday

Baghdad -arac Press -22 June:

Prime Minister and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces Haider al - Abadi said that we are our pledge to our people edit all lands and cities of Iraq this year, has been liberated and very large areas were under the control of Daash will not have Daash place in Iraq with the help of God and thanks to the strength and courage our troops and their sacrifices precious and unity of our people.

According to the Information Office of the Prime Minister 's statement Abadi stressed presided over the Cabinet meeting regular, Tuesday, to "provide all the needs of displaced people from Fallujah and other areas liberated, and work to bring life and stability to these cities and restore people to their homes, they addressed the need for the presence of local departments and follow - up field the conditions of the displaced and their needs. "

The Council of Ministers decided to approve the national campaign to support displaced persons in accordance with the recommendations of the committee formed for this purpose.

To compensate those affected by the Anbar province , it decided to cancel the Cabinet decision No. 77 of 2015 that the compensation mechanism contrary to the provisions of compensation for those affected Act as a result of military operations and military mistakes and terrorist operations No. 20 of 2009, and the re - formation of the sub - committees in the liberated provinces to take receipt of requests for compensation according to the law.

The Cabinet also decided to cut the allocation of residential land to the staff of the General Company for Iron and Steel affected by the diseases of cancer and the families of the deceased due to an exception to the law of sale and lease of state property and conduct bidding disease.

To support the sport and the youth sector the Cabinet decided to be a priority in the support of the ministries and government institutions to clubs , sports facilities and rehabilitation and sustain and to consider the 2016 general rehabilitation of sports facilities and sustain.

And it decided to undergo the players contracts above transparency and control of ministries and supporting institutions in the two phases of negotiation and signing of contracts.

He said the Council of Ministers to mobilize energies and efforts for the maintenance of stadiums, gymnasiums and the adoption of voluntary effort for young people in Zlk.anthy (1)