{Baghdad: Euphrates News} new Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi Tuesday his assertion that the liberation of Mosul would be this year, confirming the presence of distress of the people of Mosul to rid them of Daash terrorist gangs.
A statement from the Prime Minister 's Office that it came during a meeting that took place with a group of religious scholars and Aloagafin Shia and the Sunni and the Committee of Awqaf and Religious Affairs Parliamentary mark the anniversary of the battle of Badr , which coincides with victories edit Fallujah.
The Abadi said that "scientists on them a great responsibility in educating the citizens, as the opportunity now to unite and renounce sectarianism and cooperation , and the state of all be.
he said the Prime Minister , saying that the "real us wealth is the human being, which must be built right."
he said al - Abadi said the victory achieved in Fallujah was for all Iraqis and there are those who contributed to the fight and helped word and it contributed to donate.
he thanked each of champions who have made ​​sacrifices and liberated Fallujah of terrorist gangs.
and confirmed the existence of intensive work for the return of displaced people and the formation of committees for scrutiny and investigation.
The statement said the head of the Sunni Waqf , Sheikh Abdul Latif Alhmam gave blessings to the fighters , heroes and the Iraqi people on the occasion of liberation of Fallujah , stressing that the Iraqi blood is mixed with all the factions in the right to struggle against falsehood and that the Iraqi flag will rise soon in Mosul also rose in Fallujah.
He praised Sheikh Ali al - Khatib from the Shiite Waqf role of the religious authority of the advisory opinion Ulkipaia jihad and the role of field big year for the commander of the armed forces , Dr. Haider al - Abadi and his visits Fallujah , which contributed to the victory in Fallujah.