June 22, 2016
After victories successive Forces security champion and crowd the popular valiant and edit Fallujah from the clutches of Aldoaash terrorists and after federal police forces sacrifices made under the leadership of Maj. Gen. hero Raed Shakir Jawdat comes alliance humiliation, shame and betrayal called coalition forces for demanding accountability Major General Jawdat, this alliance, who left his voters up for grabs for Doaash this if not collaborating with them.
The claim comes this traitor alliance under the pretext that Major General Raed Shakir Jawdat allowed to factions of the popular crowd to enter Fallujah
The alliance said the traitor in a statement that Ali - Abadi " in his capacity as Commander in Chief of the body the popular crowd commitment pledges he made ​​to the people of Fallujah and the Alliance of Iraqi forces to maintain a professional editing city of Fallujah , the center of battles and not to involve the popular crowd,"
The statement added that "some factions of the popular crowd 's commitment to the implementation of the first page of the battles edit cities vine, Saqlawiya and villages surrounding the city of Fallujah peppered kind of military discipline on its performance in spite of the record is a small number of breaches and grave violations in dealing with fleeing civilians from the brutality Daash." He noted to "lack of commitment by the federal police forces under orders Abadi and allow coordination with some factions of the popular crowd to enter Fallujah city center through the breakers operations within the federal responsibility of the police , " likely "get new violations against the life and property of the people of the city of Fallujah , including disturbing the euphoria of victory and eliminates the slogan ( clean the battle) , who lifted the commander in chief of the armed forces. " He called on al - Abadi in his capacity as commander of the armed forces to" the accountability of the federal police captain Raed Shakir Jawdat for violating military orders, and directed to abide by not allowing for volunteers from outside the Anbar enter Fallujah, and accountability and its affiliates for the violations suffered her unarmed civilians in areas Saqlawiyah and the statement of the fate of missing persons who have been detained and to provide each of proving his involvement in violations of its affiliates to the military courts to be punished just. "