Twilight News federal court / and issued a guilty verdict against a rare lean and Muhannad Badawi, two from California, after a trial that lasted two weeks.
He was arrested on Monday after he tried to lean traveling on a plane from Los Angeles to Turkey in order to join the "Islamic state."
Badawi and bought for a meager airline ticket to Israel via Istanbul.
According to a statement issued by the US authorities, both men "expressed a desire to die martyrs" through the means of social communication.
Investigators said an account on the site "Facebook" is believed to be due to Badawi published messages it wants to join the organization of the "Islamic State" appear.
And appeared on account of meager on Facebook a picture of science organization in the place of his own image.
The two also appeared in a video clip in which lean led the pledge of allegiance to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of the organization, pledged to travel to Syria to join its ranks armed men, according to court documents.