Abadi leaning against "parliamentary authorization" in the implementation of the government's recent substitutions


 BAGHDAD / Wael blessing

At the time the House of Representatives has the legislative his vacation, Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi continue making changes recently , including senior staff, initiated by the resignation of state banks managers, it does not seem that it ends by changing 14 of the inspectors of the ministries and independent bodies.

Decided Abadi, earlier this week, rotate 10 inspectors general in a number of ministries and government institutions, assigning other four inspection tasks, as well as the dismissal of two others by a total of 80 inspector general, according to the integrity Committee Alberlmanah.oojry estimates Prime Minister transfers included 14 inspectors and has Mdaorthm between the ministries of tourism and culture, science and technology, communications, and political prisoners and the Ministry of transport, the High Authority for the pilgrimage and the Labour and social Affairs, and the Ministry of environment and Health.

He also conveyed the inspector general of the Ministry of Displacement and migration to be an inspector for the Ministry of Industry, and the transfer of the inspector Industry of the Ministry of Displacement and migration, and the inspector planning Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

He spent customs clearance as well , " the transfer of the inspector general of the Foreign Ministry to be inspector General of the Ministry of planning, and that the inspector general of the Ministry of municipalities and public works compact Ministry of construction and housing inspector General of the Ministry of construction and housing. "

Prime Minister also decided to" be a pioneer Abdul Zaid Jadou inspector general on the National Iraqi intelligence, and be Sajjad Ali Matok inspector general of the Justice Department . "

As it Diwani also provided for the" commissioning inspector general of the Shiite Endowment tasks inspector general of the Supreme Commission for Hajj and Umrah in addition to his duties, Haider Naeem committees and cost management of inspector General Office of the institution of political prisoners. "

As relieved inspector general of the Ministry of environment integrated Health Ministry Raed Kadhim Mohamed Attia, and useful Abdul Amir Abdul Karim from his inspector general of the Ministry of Labour and social Affairs. Abadi ignores parliament but MP Adel Nouri, a spokesman for the parliamentary integrity Committee, (range) that " the labor inspector useful Abdul Karim, who was sacked by al - Abadi, was more responsible active and the integrity of his work was on the ground "in .

Before now, delivered the integrity Commission a list of 10 figures to be replacements for inspectors two years, and has received an inspector Ministry of Labour and positive acclaim. Article (3 / I) of the second amendment to the law of inspectors general (1) for the year 2011 , that he "may not be transferred Inspector General or shall submit its recommendation or dismissal or referral to the retirement or accountability Anillattiya or submit it to the administrative investigation only by a decision of the Prime Minister on the recommendation of the Commission on public integrity."

As stipulated in Article (3 / II - III) on " the renewal of the Inspector serve in office for another five years - just for once - the way that appoints them. And referred to the inspector to retire the rank of Undersecretary of the Ministry if the duration of his tenure ended without a renewal for another. "

In a strongly worded statement, released Monday, said coalition Iraqi forces that" according to the law of inspectors general , they rank of Deputy Minister, and therefore have the approval of the House of Representatives on appointment or dismissal of or otherwise released. "

He noted the coalition statement that" the powers of the president according to the constitution that have been identified to article (80 / V) and ordered the cabinet to recommend to the House of Representatives to appoint deputy ministers, ambassadors and who are largely private, as well as the text of Article (61 / V / b) which required the approval of the House of Representatives on them. "

He said coalition forces to" carry the procedures carried out by the head of government inspectors to public officials in a number of ministries and government departments to try smokescreen and cover up the unilateral appointment and management proxy resolution, and the exploitation busy all political actors victories of our armed forces in the edit Anbar operations to pass the lists of appointments loyal to the person of the government. " turn says MP Adel Nouri said" Abadi Committee was not consulted in the decision to dismiss and rotate inspectors in recent resolutions, it also violates our recommendation . "

He continued , spokesman for the integrity Commission , " there are 42 inspector general ministries, was to reduce the number of them recently, although the integration and abolition of ministries resolution passed by more than a year, in addition to around 32 government institutions is linked to the Ministry. "

He said Kurdish lawmaker said , " between each of these inspectors, does not have an inspector Kurds in the government, with the exception of inspector earlier in the pilgrimage, and was dismissed last year , ".outilh past years, the integrity Commission , legislation or did not think modifying the previous law , the inspectors public, but two options are only offered: either to solve these offices, because the Commission find that they cost the large sums of money from the staff and Oivadat cars, or them into body or the parliamentary integrity Commission. pending coup Abadi says MP Adel Nouri said campaign dismissals conducted by Abadi recently, after replacing the directors of six state banks, "represents a unique governance."

In the opinion of the Kurdish MP said , "Abadi has Astosd and about the political system from a parliamentary to a presidential , "he said , " are waiting for him to declare a statement coup number one ".oathm only Kurdish MP within the block (reform Front), the presidency of the Council of Representatives to allow the prime minister to bypass the constitution and the legislature.

Came in the fourth Abadi , a statement about the dismissal of inspectors general, that it built what introduced by the integrity Commission and the virtue of the authority granted to us under the provisions of Article 1 of legislative order No. 19 of 2015, referring to a parliamentary mandate, obtained by the government after a wave of protests last year. But the House of Representatives back from that planned regain his powers after months.

For his part , MP Salim Shawki, a member of a coalition of citizen, said that " the inspectors general turned a blind eye to corruption in the ministries and projects in which they work . " Said Shawqi, in connection with the (range), that "some inspectors became an image to the minister, no longer fit for the role of oversight." and as member of the bloc citizen expenses that were spent on the offices of the inspectors as "equivalent to tens of times the money that kept them from the processes of corruption, particularly in projects assigned to the provinces." He called Shawki, a member of parliamentary legal Committee, Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi, to "cancel the offices of the inspectors or change them personalities efficient after consulting the parliament."