IMF approves first loan payments Iraqi 6-21
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Thread: IMF approves first loan payments Iraqi 6-21

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    IMF approves first loan payments Iraqi 6-21

    IMF approves first loan payments Iraqi

    6/22/2016 0:00

    Baghdad , Alaa al - Taie
    Economic Adviser to the Prime Minister, the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, said that the end of this month, will see the Executive Board of the International Monetary Fund endorsement of the granting of financial loans to Iraq agreement, pointing out that such approval, come to dedicate a memorandum of understanding approved by the Iraqi government to start a batch the first of its total loan worth $ 5.4 billion, over three years.

    Saleh revealed in an exclusive interview with the "morning" for " the Executive Board of the international Monetary Fund will hold a meeting the end of this June or the beginning of next July to approve the granting of loans to Iraq agreement and the start of the launch of the first batch of the loan amounting to $ 600 million, confirming the government 's commitment to its steps for reform stable at the far vision to be the approach to the future.

    the IMF agreed last May to give Iraq a loan of $ 5.4 billion over three years, but give Iraq that is conditioned implemented loan measures to cut spending and increase non - oil revenue and the payment of arrears to oil companies billions of dollars. "

    Saleh added," the government has approved the measures in the memorandum of the initial agreement during a meeting held two weeks ago, and informed the international Monetary Fund so , "stressing that" the agreement goes according to planned .

    " the government 's economic adviser said," it is scheduled to launch its first batch of the loan if approved by the Executive Council for the management of the fund by the end of June , and the Convention, and the rest over three years in conjunction with the required economic reforms, which include activation of taxes and fees , and improve the level of control banking to fight corruption and money laundering , »adding that« the reforms require tuning to work in state - owned companies and a review of government employees bloated salaries accounts to eliminate the phenomenon of granting the salaries of those who do not come to perform their jobs or earn more than salary ».

    and Saleh stressed, that the IMF loan is required to maintain on social spending and the adoption of a mechanism for the disbursement of funds, identifying priorities, including the displaced file, and that it will continue spending without a deficit or find drainage projects due to the deficit, noting that other thing for social care that must include all eligible , without exception , according to the discussions that took place network in Amman ».

    the spokesman said , the other thing is to keep the ration card and the salaries of the staff that will be embedded and fixed and there will be cuts again, pointing out that this matter will be the condition of the expansion of the appointments with the exception of medical and health and educational personnel, judges and the armed forces, as well as to be appointments quality ».

    and between economic adviser, said the talks with the international Monetary Fund in Amman dealt with the preparation of government employees , which exceeded four million employees and three million retired» saying it «a burden on the state».

    the new benefit emphasize the lack of «reduced functional salaries again, and that the promotions will continue »explaining that it provided the commitment ceiling of salaries and numbers of existing comes».

    In a related context, Saleh revealed that «all oil accounts Receivable will be subject to audit by an external auditor every contracting payments that will be paid through bonds, amounting to 7.6 trillion» stressing that those amounts should be paid in accordance with the bonds of the Ministry of Finance and the request of the Fund, stressing determination to examine all of them before contracting exchange to ensure the integrity and authenticity.


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    Re: IMF approves first loan payments Iraqi 6-21

    Hmmmmmmmm, get the loan on the condition of an RV......hmmmmmmmm

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