Re-engineering of bank no added value

6/22/2016 0:00

Aim to reduce costs and improve services

BAGHDAD - Imad emirate

Said economist academic d. Haider Frejee of the Faculty of Administration and Economics at the University of Mustansiriya: The purpose of the re - banking engineering is finding added value for customers and the resulting benefits to the bank and includes several elements to start re - engineering.

It is intended to re - banking architecture as a fundamental re - design processes in order to make improvements in performance in the aspects of cost and quality, service, and speed.

Frejee he said in an interview for »morning«, that contemporary studies of the performance of the banks pointed to a stark disparity in the performance of its subsidiaries , whether as part of a network retail branches as a whole , or when comparing branches per bank, referring to the varying operating expenses ranging from 30-200 basis points, or in the number of transactions performed per employee in the net during a single time , estimated between 15-45 treatment, indicating the existence of issues worthy of study and treatment.

Experts predict in the current decade and decades to come that be the most successful banks are those that are aimed at building profitable relationships - proclaimed on achieving growth and deliver services efficiently into segments its customers through its banking market segmentation successfully, and then re - operations engineering in order to increase production.

He Frejee, there are ten reasons behind the conviction of senior banking departments need to implement reconstruction Engineering as a prerequisite for the survival and competition in the market , which is that dedicated employees in more than 60 percent , bank of work to control and follow - up and the other heading toward inside the bank 's operations on customer service account and increase sales time.

As workers in the banking industry sees the need to speed up the re - engineering because many responsibilities daily without a specific purpose and Atsem in creating added value desired by the customer, and the separation of the senior management for customers because of the intermediate organizational levels overvalued by much, efficiency ratio , any cost incurred by the bank for each one dinar of its revenue is without ambition, and a repeat is not justified in the actions , increased personnel in both the executive and advisory departments above the normal limits.

Frejee saw the re - banking engineering will lead the investment in modern technology to a significant increase in costs and increase sales, it will also allow the bank to achieve advantages in costs and revenues of the different operations, and raise the share price of the bank in the financial market compared with the shares of other banks, and for these reasons we have to make the process of re - engineering, which aims to reduce costs and improve services to customers and the development of the internal environment of the bank.

He Frejee, to that of the main entrances used in the re - engineering - oriented is the trend or focus, to compare the goals and aspirations or expectations of the administration and among the bank 's ability to provide services, and fortunately that all the beneficiaries of the process does not disagree that the customer must be the primary beneficiary and the most important for each operation, and that precedence should be overwhelmed to re - style , which the bank offers the service to customers Engineering and it requires it here analyze the existing situation and the diagnosis of what can be achieved if it has re - engineering process which helps to formulate goals and a review of priorities during the project as a whole.

He concluded Frejee to emphasize that the purpose of the change is to create added value for the customer and the resulting benefits for the bank include the basic elements in the formulation approach which, to identify those responsible for customer segmentation process into segments and specific sectors, and individuals responsible for changing the paths of both sales and service, encouraging efforts to bring about change and that by the departments in the bank, and build a database at a high level in the bank and make sure that all participants understand the importance of control performance, and finally formulate goals re - engineering project - oriented segments in terms of the relationship existing customers and how to achieve growth.