Central banks

Author: Yasser incumbent

6/22/2016 0:00

I followed the march of the relationship between the Iraqi Central Bank and the private banking sector over a decade and through various departments, which reflect any departments nature of the relationship,

and perhaps the interaction that I have seen between central banks during the era very different from its predecessors the last administration. Regardless of all the talk and rumors of accusations and criticism each according to his point of view , I enclose my talk about the good achieved Ntayj under correct relationship which is full interaction between both sides of the equation any central banks , including the banking leads to correct course of action.

We were in the «morning» stand against collective punishment any mixing everybody in green and the central overcome these judgments that harmed the reputation of discreet banks.

The secret of the success of this relationship lies in the central understand and hear what raises it by forcing banks including the Atkdr to implement it , and I've Association of Banks played New to manage it a role in the convergence and interaction points of a jerk, and led to the steps contributed to the correct banking business path.

The center seeks to resolve the legal problems that face the banks according to each case according to the law inevitably. Comes the central bank 's decision to establish a company to guarantee deposits to be crowned his efforts to restore confidence in banks and certainly not the last step.

We expect the central bank to resolve problematic currency auction and I think he was sparing no effort to solve and correct the course and then listen to the observations economists and money in this regard to the curtain falls on the placed filled Midfield on and ending cylinder auction to pay attention to the reform and development issues.

I think that many proposals and visions on the table in front of the Central on the return path of the auction to his goals , which he painted with certainty central acceptance and conviction including raises in this regard and seek to overcome them.

Then there is a need for private banks to review the performance of its departments , including in line with international standards aimed at raising the efficiency of the central works hard on the application.

We expect the course of the relationship of these good results reflected the performance of the banking sector overall , including restores the right thing in his career , local and global reputation.