War: The solution Anbar Provincial Council of the power to the parliament and not the boss and rule out the possibility of the solution

Dated: Tuesday 06/21/2016 3:42
Follow-up / Iraq today

Noted legal expert Tareq Harb, to what was published by some media on 19.06.2016 that some members of the Anbar provincial council sent a letter to the Chairman of the House of Representatives to resolve the Anbar provincial council, it requires us to say that "resolve any Provincial Council authorized the authority of a law to members of parliament and not for the Speaker of parliament in accordance with the provisions of Article (20) of the governorates not organized in a region Law No. (21) for the year 2008 average,

He said the war to be the role of the Speaker of Parliament is "the introduction of demand in the work of the parliamentary sessions schedule only and has no solution to the Provincial Council and has one vote when voting takes members of parliament to vote on the provincial council resolved when the provisions of the conditions set by the law of the provinces which are: that there be a request to dissolve the conservative submitted by the governor of the province or by the one-third of the members of the provincial council.

If the number of members of the provincial Council of 29 members, a number of members of the Anbar province must be a demand in advance of the ten members because the ten members representing one-third of the members of the provincial council. "

"It must be accompanied with the application check one of the reasons identified by the first paragraph of Article 20 of the law of the provinces, a case of breach of the provincial council, the duties and functions entrusted to him or in violation of the provincial council of the Constitution and the laws, or the loss of a third of the members of the provincial conditions for membership in the Council of the provincial council, any ten members of loss of at least the membership conditions set by Article V of the law of the provinces which Iraqi citizenship and civil and completion of thirty years of age, and that it is not the armed forces or the security authorities,

and not to be covered by the accountability and justice and not to have been illegally enriched at the expense of home the money the year, and we see that it is difficult to verify these reasons, because these conditions are still required in the provincial council member before his appointment to the board is very difficult to have one-third of the members of the provincial council has got them these reasons. "He added the war" as required for their solution to the Provincial Council also decided in Article 20 of the provincial law approved by parliament and vote absolute majority of members, ie, the approval of 165 members and this is very difficult to reach it. "

He concluded the war by saying," we do not believe that the House will vote on the solution of the provincial council for other reasons are many, including the election cycle for provincial councils only months left them all so that the election was in 2013. it must be an election in 2017 after four years as well as difficult to convene parliament and the quorum is achieved, and this is what happened in the recent meetings of the parliament and even in the event of a hearing,

it is difficult to get to the approval of 165 members of parliament, so the proceedings, which began on the resolution of the Council of Anbar province, do not believe it leads to a result or lead to trace. "