"KAI" will resume a project to build an air base south of Baghdad "soon"

June 21, 2016 17:31
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Newspaper Korean, said on Tuesday that South Company "KAI" of the Korean Ministry of Defense will resume building south of Baghdad air base "soon," to be the toast of aircraft "FA-50" South Korean fighter that Iraq contracted to buy 24 of them in 2013.

The newspaper (Hankook llbo) in a report that "(KAI) South subsidiary Korean Defense Ministry will resume work later built an air base south of Baghdad, according to a deal signed with the Iraqi Air Force worth three trillion, equivalent to $ 2.59 billion, to be the toast of aircraft FA- 50 South Korean fighter that Iraq contracted to buy 24 aircraft, including in 2013 ".

The newspaper added that "negotiations about the project began in 2013 when Korean Air Industries Inc. negotiated a deal to export 24 aircraft FA- 50 light fighter of the company's manufacturing for Iraq worth $ 2.1 billion," indicating that "the Iraqi government requested at the time of the Korean side additional contract deal to build an air base near Baghdad to conduct FA- 50 planes from which. "

Iraq had signed with South Korea, in (21 December 2013), on the purchase of 24 attack aircraft light of the model FA-50 that can be used for training middle and military actions, at a cost of about one billion dollars, while the announced South Korean Aerospace Industries, earlier its intention to deliver the aircraft to Baghdad over the next year in 2016.

The newspaper, that "the project is currently stalled because the Iraqi government has failed to pay off construction operations fees in a timely manner," expected to "resume work on the project soon."

And it turns to the newspaper, that "some officials in the Korean company raised in a timely manner to security concerns about the safety of South Korean workers from attacks to organize Daash", usually that "the payment of Korea to work at the base in secret after the Iraqi government agreed not to press for the base detection."