Eliminating achieve with dry and other characters on the granting of the (TBI) facilities outside controls

BAGHDAD - Iraq Press - June 21 announced the Integrity Commission, on Tuesday, retrieval of nearly two million euros to the state treasury was owed ​​by a civil companies, after opening the Trade Bank of Iraq files, noting that the investigating judge decided to bring in a number of accused persons , including director bank Hamdiya dry.

The authority said in a statement, he said that " the Commission were known for their actions taken in connection with irregularities occurring banking facilities granted by the trade bank of Iraq (TBI company north to prepare meat and poultry , " asserting that "their actions have resulted in the restoration of the amount of (1,879,984) euros was owed the company to the state treasury, after the body of the case investigative papers refer to the trial court. "

She said the body, that" the details point to refer the issue of granting the bank loan facility worth (6000.000) euros to the listed company to the competent investigating judge. " turn , the investigating judge decided to "bring all of the defendants , director of the bank Hamdiya dry (T.j (f) of .s.v) and (A.a.a) in accordance with the provisions of Article (331) sanctions, which were written words and their release on bail . "

She body, that" the competent investigation of integrity issues judge decided to refer the investigative papers to the competent court, to complete the investigation, and was followed by the actions taken by the Authority field and her team do North company for the processing of meat and poultry to pay what Bzmtha of the bank , which in turn informed the Authority to pay the company what Bzmtha overpriced. "

Referred to the previous reports and accusations pointed to the existence of corruption in dealings trade Bank of Iraq, but he has not been formally investigated. announced Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi change the number of directors of State - owned banks including the trade Bank of Iraq. Q ended