Zebari said the Economic Affairs Committee, with the exception of draft national card and a security cordon of postponement

June 21, 2016 0 0

Financial Minister Hoshyar Zebari Economic Affairs Committee with the exception of draft national card and the security cordon of the postponement.

According to a statement by the Ministry received our agency newsletter, "Economic Affairs Committee held its eighth meeting Tuesday 21 June 2016, headed by the Minister of finance and Planning Ministers Hoshyar Zebari participation, agriculture and the Governor of the Central Bank and Chairman of the National Commission, llastthmaromschar Prime Minister for Economic Affairs and Director General Secretariat, legal service and explore and discuss except national security cordon card project delay to their importance from a security standpoint."

"The meeting discussed the draft life hospital in Diwaniyah, as well as a project addressing water shortages in Basra from the counselors.

The statement noted that "during the meeting to discuss ways to address the economic and financial crisis by implementing actions to maximize the resources of the State to overcome the financial crisis."