Planning Announces may inflation index down 0.3% annual rise by 2.5%

June 21, 2016

Central Bureau of statistics announced on Tuesday, the Ministry of planning, low inflation during the month of may by 0.3%, while the annual rate rose 2.5%, indicating that the survey did not include the three provinces are Anbar, Salahuddin and Nineveh where security conditions.

The spokesman said the Ministry of planning, Abdul Zahra Hindawi in a statement seen by our agency newsletter, that "the Central Bureau of statistics of the Ministry of planning report was completed inflation for may 2016 based on field data collection on prices of goods and services comprising the consumer basket of selected sample of outlets in all provinces of Iraq, noting that" these rates calculated from goods and services, including food, rent, transportation and communications, health and education, other than one owned by the consumer.

Hindawi said that "inflation index for may dropped to 0.3%, which was affected by a number of indices drop partitions including food and non-alcoholic beverages sections (2%)," Noting that "the decline of the food section was the result of lower z bread and cereals Group (0.1%) From the previous month, low meat Group (0.5%) From the previous month, adding to the low fat Group (0.1%) From the previous month, and a vegetable (8.9%).

Hindawi said that "the annual inflation index compared to may 2015 rose by 2.5 per cent", explaining that "this height came because of the contrast between sections and services prices as some saw a decrease and others was high."

Hindawi pointed out that the survey was conducted during the month of may did not include the three provinces because of the security situation in these provinces, "he said, adding that" the provinces not covered by the price survey included Nineveh, Salahuddin, Anbar. "