BAGHDAD / Sky Press:
Said a source familiar with from within the city of Mosul, on Tuesday, that the terrorist organization Daash impose a $ 25 thousand Iraqi dinars Czkah encroachment on everyone from the people of Mosul.
The source told "Sky Press," that "Daash impose what he called zakat instinct for the month of Ramadan, a $ 25 thousand dinars on everyone from the people of Mosul, boastful high food prices in the city," noting that "the organization executed one Senate Muftis because of his objection to the determine the amount, as well as the skin of 15 people from the local community with 10 lashes each for their refusal of payment. "
The source, who asked not to be named, said: "Management has established special centers for the collection of funds by the elements of their transfer to the so-called house of money."
The "Daash" live in a state of collapse and fracture after the loss of resources funded by the bombing of the Iraqi Air Force Flight International Alliance for their headquarters.