June 21, 2016
BAGHDAD / News Network Iraq , an official source said that the Iraqi government intends to submit a request to the UK for an Arabic , Saudi Arabia to replace its ambassador in Iraq, Thamir Sabhan, against the backdrop of repeating his comments deemed Baghdad "blatant interference in Iraqi affairs , " .onqlt agency Sputnik Russian source, saying that "included on the cabinet meeting agenda, scheduled for Tuesday, the Saudi ambassador to file his statements and positions that have raised over the past period, a sensation . " the Foreign Minister Ibrahim al - Jaafari, have seen that the movements of Ambassador Sabhan, in Baghdad represent " blatant interference in the internal affairs of Iraq "and said that what he is doing nothing to do with his turn as an ambassador, to inform him officially . " the ambassador Sabhan said on his page on the social networking "Twitter" site, last week was that "the existence of an Iranian terrorist figures near Fallujah clear evidence they want to burn the Iraqi Arabs fire abhorrent sectarianism and confirmation of their way to change the demographic. " He Colh.ouhdhirt Foreign Ministry on Sunday reiterated the Saudi ambassador "for interfering in Iraqi affairs . " He said Spokesman Ahmed Gamal, said in a statement: "already has the Foreign Ministry summoned the Saudi ambassador, and informed him of the importance that the Ambassador is subject to norms and international covenants the special interaction of ambassadors with the media and making declarations of public opinion, by not interfering in the internal affairs of the country class basis, and work on the development of bilateral relations between the two countries, especially that Iraq is going through an exceptional phase in the war against terrorism . "He added beauty" we confirm that we will not allow any ambassador that employs a diplomatic mission to foment sectarian discourse in the country are moving to a feud his country with other countries through its diplomatic, also show that the State Department will take all appropriate measures in accordance with the Vienna Convention of bilateral relations " is noteworthy that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, has been summoned on 24 January last ambassador Sabhan "to inform him of the official protest about the media comments about Doralhacd popular in Iraq , which represented an interference in Iraq 's internal affairs, and a departure from the Liaquat diplomatic representation, and modern information is incorrect . " the ambassador Sabhan, said, on 23 January last that " the refusal Kurds and Anbar entry of the popular crowd to their areas demonstrates the unacceptability of the popular crowd by the Iraqi society . "It is said that, Sabhan began his duties at the Saudi embassy in Baghdad on December 31 last in 2015.