June 21, 2016
BAGHDAD / News Network Iraq , said Parliament Speaker Salim al - Jubouri, Tuesday, during a meeting with Special Envoy of the US President and coordinator of the international coalition to fight Daash Brett Macgork the presence of the US ambassador to Iraq Stuart Jones on the importance of continued military support for Iraq in its war against Daash Alarhabiyh.ozkr gangs statement information Office of the President of the House of Representatives today: "it was during the meeting , they discussed the latest security developments, especially the victories achieved by the Iraqi forces in Anbar , especially the liberalization of Fallujah, and the international effort that US - led coalition in support of Iraq , " noting that "the parliament speaker said that edit Fallujah form of motivation morally significant for all Iraqis, and the prelude to the liberation of the remaining cities, particularly the city of Mosul, as he was the result of the great support of allies and friends, making the end of Daash in Iraq inevitable and fast ".ofatt statement that" al - Jubouri , stressed the importance of continued cooperation and coordination between the two countries in order to provide more air and military support, as well as the humanitarian effort and relief for Nazhan.ooodh statement that "Macgork stressed that the United States and the international coalition would continue to support Iraq 's complement to liberate the rest of the territory from terrorist Daash gangs, and the United States is willing to provide humanitarian support for the displaced."