June 21, 2016
BAGHDAD / News Network Iraq new deputy secretary general of the United Nations for Political Affairs of the United Nations Mission UNAMI Special Representative to Iraq , George Boston United Nations commitment to continuously support to Iraq to overcome the economic crisis and achieve victory over Alarhab.ujae word of Boston during a meeting with Foreign Ministry Undersecretary for Legal Affairs relations multilateral Omar Barzanji day in the fourth office building Wazzarh.wachad Undersecretary of the Foreign Ministry , "during the meeting victories Thakguetha security Iraqi forces editing Fallujah of terrorist Daash gangs," adding that "Iraq is fighting terrorism on behalf of the world , and that the Iraqi security forces achieved victories a great and honorable on terrorism and the next destination is editing city of Mosul humpback ".otmn Alborznge" the role of the United Nations in supporting and assign the Iraqi government over the face of political and security, economic and humanitarian challenges and the fight against terrorism, "praising" the positions of the United Nations against Iraq. "