Security forces finish 2nd phase of operations to liberate southern Mosul

Jun 21, 2016

( Nineveh – On Monday, Nineveh Operations Command announced that the second phase of liberation operations in the areas south of Mosul had successfully concluded.

The Media Officer of Nineveh Operations, Brigadier General Feras Bashar Sabry, said in a press statement that was obtained by Iraqi News, “The second phase of the military operations [launched to liberate the areas south of Mosul] had finished after achieving all its goals,” noting that, “The operations resulted in the liberation of a number of villages including al-Nasr, Kharaeb Jabr and Kharaeb Shamam.”

Sabry added, “The third phase of the operations will be launched in the coming few days in order to liberate al-Haj Ali and its surrounding areas and the left side of the eastern bank of the Tigris River,” stressing that, “The joint [security] forces had finished its preparations to liberate those areas.”