International Exhibitions window between Iraq and the world

6/21/2016 0:00

BAGHDAD - Farah pumice
is the international exhibitions held in the interior of the country «task force» with the countries of the world, especially for companies and businessmen reluctant to invest in the Iraqi market, which encouraged the General Company for Trade and commercial services to set up dozens of exhibitions annually , whether in Baghdad or the provinces or in the Kurdistan region, most recently «Ramadan Festival» catalog , which opens next week.

according to economist Rahim waterfall, Iraq relies heavily on these exhibitions to their importance in attracting funds global investment and corporate heads, especially with the provision of a fertile investment opportunities.

and are held every year for many shows in Baghdad, Wasit, Basra, Kirkuk and Arbil related to construction and investment and consumer goods, electricity and oil, among others.
He waterfall »Sabah» that these exhibitions send a check to wishing to work in Iraq , investment firms messages, in addition to that it is «important evidence» to stabilize the security situation. The General Company for Trade confirmed »Sabah» that companies that contributed to the previous exhibitions is one of the major among global peers, in addition to the participation of a large number of businessmen from different countries of the world.

And enjoy exhibits with great interest by officials and citizens who both enemy element Entertainment on the one hand and economic gateway provides the country 's new aversion to attract international capital on the other hand, being provided the right environment for the holding of a long partnership between the public and private sectors.

in the meantime, the General Company for trade and commercial services «organize Ramadan Fair» for the period between the 26th of this month to 10 next July , on the land of the Baghdad international Fair.

He said a company statement received «morning» copy of it, that the show will involve only regional, Arab and foreign various disciplines to display their goods during the days of the exhibition according to the terms set in advance.

She explained that the aim of the exhibition provide goods to citizens at prices competitive and support the sales and marketing plans and expand the network of trade relations between the company and the participants in the show.

She said the company that the exhibition will open daily during the duration of his stay of eight o'clock in the evening until twelve midnight, and will adopt the marketers of the exhibition are working to bring the posts.