Keywords: central policy adopted prevented the financial collapse

6/21/2016 0:00

Jubouri promised to amend the Banking Act
BAGHDAD - Hussein Tgb
Collect a number of officials in the public and private sectors to give business environment required attention, and that is the role of the banking sector , prominent in this area and the need to be a role developmentally after the events of changes necessary for this

Speaker of the House Dr. . Saleem al - Jubouri Park at the beginning of his speech security victories achieved by our security forces and the crowd popular on źDaash╗ terror in various fronts, and then said: It is important to know the importance and the role of private banks in the national economy and strengthen Iraq 's capacity production and service. Roadmap and draw during the ceremony Ramadan annual of the Association of Iraqi private banks to the importance of the private banks sector and the role of development, stressing that the complexities that have passed during the last period did not allow collaboration together to develop a road map to promote the role of private banks to support the national economy , which fluctuated during the period years.

he said: We are closely monitoring the problems between private banks the government on the one hand and between them and the Ministry of Finance on the other hand, has these problems led to the banking market , and removing fragmentation and make them work in a way perhaps signaling that it is incorrect and all it depends on determining the vision and make it more flexible and realistic.

20 trillion dinars , the central bank governor in turn , between the Central that depends a balanced policy in the circumstances experienced by Iraq to prevent the financial collapse of the country, and that since the end of last year and to the end of this year will be the state treasury Mall $ 20 trillion dinars, pointing out that the economic aspect entails real development opportunities and base security and social stability and move towards construction.

Keywords said : risks that beset us the subject of terrorist financing and the banking sector and the financial sector in general , concerned that it dramatically so comply with the requirements combat level has to be great because it protects the society and the economy and the country 's vulnerability and the banking sector to a significant risk.

He said the Central after the issuance of anti - money laundering law he moved into a new era in dealing with banks and financial institutions and companies, and must be a major commitment to this law and develop regulatory standards to be a separation between us and the banks.

He said: We must all work together for the achievement of an ideal working environment that provides job opportunities to prepare young people unemployed Ngnehm from engaging in negative Atjhat within the community and adversely affect the reality of life, and we have to look seriously for the advancement of labor sector , especially as the country has a lot of Alfrs.labd be sector banking Alerting the direction of trying to stimulate the fact Alaguetsidi and its financing, and the central work of the initiatives is the first in the history of Iraq, including the allocation of 6 trillion to support various projects projects, stressing that give business attention required to contain the unemployed numbers of the various slides. overcome the obstacles head of the Iraqi private banks association Wadih Handal said : managed Association during its short life of strengthening the role of the banking sector and overcome the obstacles and problems encountered in the past and in coordination and cooperation with the Central Bank of Iraq , who mocked a lot of time and effort to cooperate in order to achieve sustainable development and financial inclusion and support the national economy.

the Association of banks of honor to contribute to a package of reforms economic adopted by the government and support the strategies of the Central Bank, the banking sector representation in local, regional and international activities better representation, also adopted a plan to train Association banking staffs on the most cutting - edge technology that the world is witnessing.

And it exceeded the basic tasks of the Association go to support the social aspects of entry through our people as a partner in the campaign , which was founded by the musician Naseer Shamma aim of helping the poor and needy and displaced people out of humanitarian collects does not differentiate and deliver aid to all regions of Iraq.