Face imminent between the Islamic Party and Awakening threatens to dissolve the Council of Anbar

20/6/2016 21:01

BAGHDAD / Wael blessing

While battles continue in Fallujah and elsewhere north of Ramadi, the local government is busy to Anbar to change the political map within Mahafezh.obhsp Council of leaks from within Anbar, one of the leaders of tribal and former leader in the Awakening, was behind the movement to confront the Islamic Party, which dominates most political joints in the province.

And trying majority in the House of Anbar, which was launched on the same (reform block), re-former provincial council chairman Jasim al-Halbusi to the office again, according to the word of the other team.

The Halbusi, head of the reform bloc and a member of the Anbar province, was sacked as head of the provincial council in 2011, due to mismanagement and exploitation for the position, according to the decision of dismissal.

In contrast, in a political maneuver he joined Krhot morning, the current president of the Council of Anbar province, to the majority, which demands change it.

It seems that the recent change team persuaded the correction of the charges on the conservative Suhaib al-Rawi instead.

The announced reform bloc in the Anbar province, last week, Krhot to join, but stressed that it does not prevent his dismissal.

And the voice of the Anbar provincial council, the end of July 2013, on the morning of election Krhot head of the provincial council.

Find 120 billion dinars

According to Hamid Hashim, a member of the Anbar province for the reform team, that "mass, amounting to 17 members out of 30, and has questioned Alkrhot about the charges against him."

Hashim confirmed (range) that "Krhot revealed to us the existence of breaches and waste of public money endures conservative Suhaib al-Rawi," but noted that "the head of the provincial council is responsible for oversight of the money."

He says the reform team that he did not know the fate of 120 billion dinars had been received by the Government of Anbar last year to support the displaced.

And confirms the provincial council member, he said, "Some of the displaced have not reached their state aid, while there is a section of the displaced have become a glut of support they receive."

He says that the mass "has sent interrogation questions to the governor, and will determine the questioning session next Tuesday."

And wait for a majority in the provincial council replies Suhaib al-Rawi, who belongs to the Islamic Party, about the questions addressed to him.

And the voice of the Anbar provincial council, the end of 2014, the majority to choose a new governor Suhaib al-Rawi. And it increased the chances of the narrator to be a hot candidate for the position of governor of Anbar province after two candidates withdrew in his favor, two of Staff Trmoz, and Hamid Ahmed.

The narrator was chosen instead of former Anbar governor Ahmed al-Dulaimi, who was relieved of his post because of his health. And subjected al-Dulaimi, in September 2014, to seriously injured during security operations against Daash in hand turbine, western Anbar.

The return of Abu Risha!

According to information, Aserbha opposing team to block reform of the Anbar province, to the last movement led by former Prime Awakening Ahmed Abu Risha, who is seeking to return strongly to Anbar after the popularity plummeted after the fall of the city of Ramadi, however Daash.

Recently, the accused student Kharbit, MP from Anbar, both blocs are united under the leadership of Osama Najafi, and the solution is headed by Jamal al-Karbouli, paying bribes to each member does not vote on the dismissal of the conservative Suhaib al-Rawi, the head of the Council Krhot. But Karbouli bloc denied that.

The Jassim al-Halbusi, head of (reform block) in Anbar Council, announced last week that the bloc intends to interrogate President of the Council for the existence of an alleged administrative irregularities.

Kharbit said, in a press statement, said that "a member of the Council of Staff Trmoz received in exchange for a sum not to attend the hearing." "After the formation of the reform front in Anbar Council, the Chairman of the House of Representatives defended the narrator because of its mass party."

On the other hand, MP Mohammad al-Karbouli, the head of the parliamentary solution, Kharbit student to submit evidence on the payment (the movement of the solution) amounts to members of the Anbar council, calling the accusations against his bloc as "fabrications."

Karbouli said, in a press statement seen by the (range), "The reform is not slogans, and who wants to reform it starts itself to co-exist in the field of Anbar province and the defense of the people of Anbar on the battlefield, and condemns and denounces what is happening to the people of his province, instead of burying their heads in sand." .

He added that the head of the solution, "Anbar provincial council enjoys autonomy in the work guaranteed him Provincial Councils Act, as amended, and has a free hand to evaluate the performance of its members and to vote according to the law change them or removing them or keep them."

She hired the solution to it "reserves the right to litigation before the Iraqi judiciary to expose wage sounds that appear here and there, trying to block the liberalization processes cities of the province."

Time is not right for a change!

Turn Farhan Mohammed, the Anbar provincial council member of the team in support of the governor, says that "now is not the time to change, because of the conditions of war and displaced persons."

He added in an interview with Mohammed (range) "Reform bloc wants to re-Halbusi," saying that the latter "failed in previous sessions of the Board of Directors."

He says the provincial council member, said, "Anbar did not get three years since the reconstruction money, every budget go to war and displaced persons."

He drew criticism for Mohammad (reform team), who says that "most of them from Fallujah," and accused them of "Nazgen leaving thousands of children of their town in the open, while searching for positions."

It is likely a member of the provincial council to be behind the recent movement "in the greed of money that may come from donor countries and organizations for the reconstruction of the province."

The similar incidents took place in the occupied provinces of Daash or just emerged from the control of the organization, such as the Salah al-Din, and Diyala, and Nineveh.

In the meantime, the team supporter feet of Suhaib al-Rawi, consisting of 11 members, a request for dismissal of the council to the governor, who in turn introduced him to House Speaker Salim al-catching him.

He attributed Farhan Mohammed submission of the application to "serious errors occurred in the work of the Council can not continue it."

He announced the Office of House Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, last week, that the latter received the signed request of 11 members of the Anbar provincial council asking for the solution of the provincial council.

The office said that "al-Jubouri receipt of the request officially and is now under study." The House of Representatives and will not return to work until the beginning of next July, the end of the legislative recess.