Coalition forces have accused al-Abadi to continue to "monopolization of decision approaches" and warns of the political clash

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{Baghdad: Euphrates News}

warned coalition Iraqi forces Monday continued the
Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi b {exclusivity approach to the decision of the referee}, something which the coalition said it could lead to drag the country into "the abyss of political confrontation."

He said the statement of the Alliance of Iraqi forces, who received the agency {Euphrates News} a copy of it, "continued the prime minister appointed by proxy, despite advice given to him by his political partners would lead ultimately to the birth of a new kind of dictatorship."

He said an alliance of Iraqi forces in his objection to "the government's measures appointed acting series or make minor cosmetic changes that do not affect the essence of the reform process but also give a partisan cover to perpetuate one-party dictatorship and the authority of a single person under the slogan of change and reform."

Carry measures carried out by the head of government inspectors Alamomcin in a number of ministries and government departments, "trying to throw dust in the eyes and cover up the unilateral decision of the recruitment and administration by proxy, and the exploitation busy all political actors victories of our armed forces in the liberation of the cities of Anbar operations to pass the lists of appointments loyal to the person of the government's promise ".

A statement from the Alliance of Iraqi forces was "noteworthy Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi its powers according to the constitution and set to rule {80 / V} and ordered the Cabinet to recommend to the House of Representatives to appoint deputy ministers, ambassadors and who are largely private as well as the text of the article {61 / V - b}, which required approval the House of Representatives on them, according to the law of the inspectors Alamomcin they rank of Deputy Minister and thus have the approval of the House of Representatives appointed or dismissed or otherwise released which is an abuse of the powers vested in the clear violation of the Constitution must stand up then and repeat Alert Abadi, to respect the Constitution and commitment to his texts. "

He expressed his coalition Iraqi forces surprised at the "insistence Abadi to marginalize and overcome the partners until the issue of the appointment by proxy," adding that it "reflects the will to continue the same policy and approach of successive governments in the marginalization of the Sunni component, which is what we need to warn Abadi from the repercussions continue with these policies, and reneging on the implementation of the government program and the political agreement that would lead us to question him as a failure to fulfill the terms of a government program. "

The Prime Minister has issued an order on Sunday Dioanaa set and exemption and the transfer of inspectors general in the ministries.

And saw the head of the Parliamentary Finance Committee Faleh applicable, on Monday, that the change in positions of public inspectors for IMT-reform onion, stressing that "to devote to corruption" .anthy