Conscription National Guard .. two laws contradictory being fueled by the controversy parliament again

June 20, 2016 19:40

Author: alzawraapaper

Zora / Laith Jawad: the dispute over the legal conscription National Guard Law returned to the political scene again, as hinted by the legal committee in Parliament that conscription would be an alternative to the National Guard, saying it contains "mines" harm the unity of the country, while a deputy ruled out by the Union of National Forces the applicability of conscription, attributing the cause to the circumstances of the country is suitable for its application.

He said the legal committee member Sadeq chewing gum in an interview for "Zora": There is a political trend towards pushing for legislation that compulsory military service law , rather than the National Guard Act because it "mines in the future could lead to the disintegration of national unity among the people components or the outbreak of a military conflict between those forces in the provinces . "

He added frankincense: that compulsory military service is the right solution in the next phase being Stzj youth in military courses qualify them and make them better able to withstand the burden in the future, noting that the law of service Alalzimaih If you ask would be compensation for the Guard , which includes" many problems with the law . "

And frankincense: that the National Alliance is heading in a certain direction and the Union forces and Kurds in another direction, which threatens disagreements will prevent the adoption of the National Guard Law, unlike the compulsory military service law , which can be applied easily, in addition to being a public and political solution.

So MP from the Union of National Forces Ahmed meaning Jarba said in an interview for "Zora:" The conditions were not right for the application of conscription at the current stage there is no possibility to apply, noting that, recruitment file needs a lot of money approach to internal budget or defense because we want to train entire generations (18 to 25 or 30 years), so it needs to thousands of grades, while the financial situation of the country is currently not suitable for this Almelv.utaba Jarba: that the proposal was stipulated that the popular crowd Authority is the real nucleus for the formation of the guard National, especially since the crowd includes in its ranks fighters from the sons of all the provinces all, considering that the National Guard nearest to the application of recruitment Alalzama.otsol Jarba on the government 's ability to accounting retarded for recruitment, noting that the answer would be "No, because the security services preoccupied now the war against Daash , "asserting that conscription is more correct solution to the country away from exclusion or marginalization and national Titles or sectarianism.