Iraq allows its citizens to acquire cars in installments according to the facility

Monday 20-06-2016 | 2:06:51

Twilight News / General Company for Trade cars and machinery in the Ministry of Commerce, announced the sale of cars kind of Chinese origin Sherry Model 2014 installment system and through the branches of the Rafidain Bank Azwaip, safety and the holy door.

He said the company's general director Ali Hashim said in an interview for Twilight News reported, "The citizen pays the amount of 10% of the value of the car by a certified check from the bank and brought to the company and will be developed reference book the car in favor of the bank when the cut list."

He pointed out that "the kinds of vehicles are bus pleural deer H1 14 passengers Kerr plain bus pleural Assad H2 14 passengers Cherie Kerr plain of the Tigris and X1 Automatic Sherry Tico Firat Automatic."

He stressed "the need for a guarantor ongoing civilian employee service and permanent staffing and salary twice the premium car and the length of service of not less than 3 years", adding that "the sponsor of the inhabitants of the province exclusively and that the 56-year does not exceed the old and the life of the annuity to be five years."

"The company announced the availability of tractors and mechanisms for agro-farmers through direct sales and installment and be premiums to submit a request to the company to approach the branches donor agricultural banks for the loan is the citizen processing in the event of bringing the loan amount and its entry in the company's expense."

Called "wishing to submit their applications to the General Company for Trade cars and machinery in Baghdad or its affiliates in the provinces (Basra and Maysan and Wasit and Dhi Qar), note that the mechanism of lending and the amount of interest for a loan from the jurisdiction of the Agricultural Bank of the borrower."