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Hussein al-Tamimi Tgb
The development of human resources, capacity building and enable them to manage financial sector an important axis coincides with the economic development process in dire need of competencies capable of being able to sophisticated and accredited banking technology in the developed world that can handle large numbers, where the need seemed urgent to become our sector bank competes with regional and international banks. Development process

Executive Director of the Association of Iraqi private banks Ali Tariq said that Iraq is rich in all economic standards the country and needs to be managed sectors professionally, as they are in the developed world and that it needs to build the capacity of human resources and enables them to cutting-edge technology, especially in the banking sector, which is the centerpiece the starting point for any developmental process in all production and service sectors of the economy.
He added in an interview with «morning» that the Association of Banks has adopted a step to prepare local trainers to various important banking operations, pointing out that this trend is under the supervision of specialized and accredited international institutions in the training of banking talent in the world, where instructors are subject to follow-up and testing a high degree of accuracy implemented for the first time in Iraq.

Money laundering

Tariq pointed out that the past few weeks have seen a number of specialists graduated money laundering under international supervision is unique, where the participants were able to gain new experiences and the Arts in Banking enables them to diagnose cases of money laundering with high accuracy, and this is within the Platform for the development of human resources in the banking sector.
He noted that the association has a plan to prepare instructors global experience in order to nurture a new generation of local trainers obviates the use of foreign coaches are contracted to carry out important training operations and this process is accompanied by a large expense.

Human resources

And between Tariq that our curriculum preparatory began and there, participants receive the necessary training to prepare them and access them to the World to acquire the information and deliver it to human resources to operate in the private banking sector, stressing the importance of bringing the local banking system best banking products and compete with regional banks and international, especially as the branches are located in Iraq, which requires us to build a developed banking sector.

Large numbers

He stressed that the construction of the base of qualified trainers to achieve a positive impact starts diagnosed in the near future where the beneficiary finds approach developed in handling and service delivery as well as follow-up to the completion of transactions with big confidence and safety figures, where the need for banking services are dealing with large numbers taking place in the national economy in the future. Tariq said the private banking sector interacts with the aim to develop competencies in all banking activities Training Association plan.

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