Applicable: the change in the inspectors general locations for IMT-reform onion

History of edits:: 06/20/2016 9:47

{Baghdad} Euphrates News saw the President of the Parliamentary Finance Committee Faleh applicable, on Monday, that the change in the inspectors general locations for IMT-reform onion, stressing that "to devote to corruption."

According force said in a statement, the agency {Euphrates News} received a copy of it today, "Most of the inspectors who have been Mdaorthm did not contribute to reveal the corruption that exists in the past and their ministries, they may be part of a ring of corruption." He added , "Therefore , the reference to Legislative Order No. 19 does not give the really to keep the losers or change their positions but to be real reforms in the inspectors file a disputable; because the institution did not check for the Treasury Maakabl money spent by size. "

He continued , saying , " It has become imperative for the Prime Minister of taking corrective steps serious and not to exploit vacation the legislative to hold some of the changes prospect narrow and marred by suspicion. " the Prime Minister has issued an order on Sunday Dioanaa set and exemption and the transfer of inspectors general in Wazzarat.anthy