Securities trading 11 joint-stock company for "lack of commitment to change its" stop

Author: AR, HH
Editor: AR, HH

06.20.2016 13:20

Long-Presse / Baghdad
Securities Commission decided on Monday to suspend the contribution of seven companies from trading for "failing to comply with the instructions of financial disclosure," while stopped four companies for "changing the activity of the fiscal conversion into an Islamic bank."

The Securities Commission said in a statement received (range Press) copy of it, "the Commission decided to suspend trading in shares of companies (Iraqi Date Processing and Marketing, transport petroleum products, Bank of the economy, the electronic industries, the Iraqi seed production, modern paint industries, Almahj financial convertible ) for failing to comply with instructions and corporate financial disclosure. "

And it called on the Commission, companies in hot areas to "provide disclosure by the Chairman of the Board of Directors for the overall situation for the company to be returned to circulation of a (modern construction materials, household furniture industry, construction materials Fallujah, Mosul, to the cities of games)."

The agency said it "decided to suspend trading in shares of companies (Iraqi financial transfer, the trustee of the financial transfer, United Arab financial convertible, Sama Baghdad fiscal transfer) after the registrar of companies endorsement of the decision of the General Authority for companies to change the activity of the company from Mali convert into an Islamic bank after the issuance of capital increase. "