Central instructs the Rafidain and Rasheed reinstatement of the smart card for the disbursement of employees' salaries

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BAGHDAD - balances News
It instructed the Central Bank of Iraq, on Monday, to the Rafidain and Rasheed return to work with the company's smart regardless employees' salaries, which stopped during the current month of June of the card.

According to a book issued by the Central Bank got / balances News / "The smart card company contracts tied to salary distribution service with the Rafidain and Rasheed Al state employees.

He added that "to stop the smart card service may cause problems for those institutions, and on this I got to approve the continuation of the company providing the service."

The CBI said that "the company's commitment to the policies meet the technical, financial and legal requirements of the Bank no later than December 31, 2016," stressing the "Do not allow the company's connection to deliver new services or expanding existing services until they comply with the progress."

The central bank had announced suspension of work by the smart card service company as a result of not honoring financial, technical and legal obligations required by the bank. / End 29/40 P