June 20, 2016
Abdul Khaliq farmer recent gains were not of chance , including victories that got the blood of the sons of Iraq fervent in the liberation of Fallujah, which call for vigilance and caution of the factors influencing the fall of this city and other cities and expose instigators of sectarian hatred and crime , which sowed fear and terror in the hearts of her children and sold them cheaply and with blood their hands with the blood of our people from all walks of life, which is once again trying to take revenge and shuffling papers to sow divisions and insecurity among its members and sworn to create sectarian strife disputes between Akulaiath and religions multi - sister and his doctrines, which failed to broadcast their toxins , including throughout history and in past centuries the
political situation now it needs to intensify dialogues and meetings between the noble political parties to face the adversity and challenges faced by the Iraqi arena and calls for the importance of coming together of all parties to overcome the current and future crises and the need to take practical steps to cross the political problems and follow the ways of constructive dialogues to overcome the obstacles faced by the stage to move away from the narrow considerations . And the parties and political forces that are consistent and work in a spirit of national and interests of citizens put a real high and the value of the standard, which some lacks her and to the most basic national ideological values ​​and the absence of the elements of the right build for being founded an anti ventures or sectarian projects attracted entrants from political street immature rather than political schools as well as those divisions that beset the political components that represent foreign agendas move depending on the mobility of the regional and international levels . While showing that powers its inability to rein in foreign interventions, but we see some calling her or makes political to their agreements and resolve disputes conditions are guaranteed and are subject to the regional and international environment with because loss of confidence and a crisis of conscience.
And unfortunate Mai PEOPLE him some of these forces of clowning and Tsikhyee and dramatize in the media , the purpose of which Tgfel our sons and transfer images distorted the reality of international organizations, particularly in the period leading up to the liberation of Fallujah hotbed of corruption and terrorism and rid his sons honorable of these far - fragmentation for humanitarian and international praise the tireless efforts made ​​by the Iraqi government and military forces and security agencies and crowds popular sacred heroes in the liberation of this city and other cities that have wronged from two first Daash and second betrayal politician and cleared of terrorist organizations.
the main goal of such actions are distracting the military and security forces for things mandated and required by the stage to carry out. These characters of grim faces that expelled by the masses and does not represent where any realistic aspirations of the community to the presence of fragile data they do not have the political maturity nor literary and does not have any project for the construction, development and knows only chaos and constant turmoil and turn the clock back and not those of his relationship with the homeland never to religion but rather representing agendas Schrthm access to cheap aspirations and create a sectarian atmosphere between now and then and entrenched left by these politicians , because they are not being minimally national pragmatism does not care about the children of their areas of interest, as far as what tickles their feelings and emotions to satisfy the leaders and heads of regional Ocean and the Arab Ocean , such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey. They have forgotten that these countries without exception are placed stick the wheel of the political process through their continued support for terrorist groups and the planned global Zionism, and more justifications for these movements outside the home.
It is the fact that targeted Iraqis of all categories and sects and their constituents. And you can not find a shred of Islamic manners or humanity , which some claim them near Alehionh have an offspring of shenanigans legitimacy and moral deviations incurred by the lack of construction in accordance with the correct methodology so find a lot of evil intellectual deviant under Aguetathm and their goals become clear as the sun. They must expel them from the political process and that checks whether there are sincere intentions and efforts are being made ​​in order to reach him and need appropriate in order to provide sanctuary and march right and objective to achieve environment. To get to that end we start laying the first building block of the project is consistent with the current reality reflects the heritage of Iraq 's ancient and glorious history, and achieve the aspirations of the Iraqi people. Can reforms that arise from changes in the balance of power within the party leaders more than tion for democratic mechanisms such as legislative changes or update the rules of the election and could renew the leadership gradually with the maneuver of political parties happening in its attempt to survive and avoid the street pressure, or by political interference some of the country 's wealth of greedy countries, which can prefer some of the characters tend to weaken the other characters . as well as the reduction of some of the actions of intruders on the political process and the foolish policy. And be personal freedom shall be guaranteed to all without exposure to others , and restrictions on the granting of non - human dignity is inviolable, and the expression of opinion a legitimate right guaranteed by law and defended by the Constitution , but that he must demands are in accordance with legal formulations without provoking street festering already and thorny security conditions that require caution when acting as predators Atobton evil Iraqi people without Astthae.
observed in the structure of the political process , it stalled and stagnant because of the arachnoid House , who founded it from quotas sectarian, ethnic and chaos of the gaps and shortcomings in the Constitution that hinder the work and do not meet the required purpose in order to complete the building of the state and the political process and consolation to remain a reason to build the basis of a fragile democracy and will remain the case so that develops mobility and trends and is subject to the effort, time and perhaps the selection of new faces , which represents the first fruits of the weight of the new forces that believe the path of the modern state and the decline of the influence of the failed power is the beach safety which aspires to him the country. To help lift the political process from the deep impasse and upgrading or rather adapted for the stage to come although we are not convinced to be more solid than it is now about to lose Please factors in some of the politicians and parliamentarians of users with great regret. In such an atmosphere and direct impact on people, and deepened the manifestations of the general crisis in the country 's many facets and poor political and security situation. As the political parties in the state administration institutions have become dependent on each other and help each other to survive . Do not expect to be in some level of responsibility we do not reflect on the stage in which we live now and the next in order to be the straw that deliver the drowning of a flood of wills.