June 20, 2016
BAGHDAD / new evidence met Under Secretary of State for Legal Affairs and multiple relationships parties , Mr. Omar Barzanji , Executive Secretary of the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Mr. Isiah Zippero presence of the Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq to Austria , Permanent Representative of Iraq to the International Atomic Energy Agency on the sidelines of the forty - sixth session of the Preparatory Committee of the Organization. Aaganban stressed during the meeting on Iraq 's cooperation and support for the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty into force. He stressed that the Iraqi side to focus on the entry of all parties in the Middle East in the treaty would be a step on the right path to find a nuclear weapons - free zone. Mr. agent also stressed the keenness of the Government of Iraq to attend the constant interaction with the Preparatory Commission of the Treaty despite the internal challenges faced by Iraq, particularly the fight against terrorism that Iraq stands in the confrontation.