June 20, 2016
A serious statement to the Director of the CIA: Iraq no longer has a presence on the Middle East roadmap
Michael Hayden , the CIA director earlier fired a dangerous and a sign of the very statements in terms of severity, where he confirmed that several Arab states will disappear from the Middle East roadmap soon, he said. The former security official US in his remarks to the newspaper "Le Figaro" French, that at least there two Arab countries would disappear from the Middle East soon, in light of the agreement , "Sykes - Picot" , which has the initiative of the European powers in 1916 , the developing countries did to entity formation, as he put it . In addition, it was revealed the names of some of the nations that broke out wars. He emphasized, "Let 's face it, there is no longer the existence of Iraq and Syria, and Lebanon in the direction of failure." He claimed. He said, all of this has become under many names , there is a "Daash" and al - Qaeda and the Kurds, Sunnis and Shiites, under the former name is Syria and Iraq, as he put it . He concluded Hayden to say in his interview to the French newspaper, now confirmed these facts, we believe that the region live instability and it will remain the same in the years to come if you do not lift a finger, according to the recipe. source Agencies